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Occasionally as a photographer you see an image that causes you to stop and think just that little bit more about what is going on.

What does the world look like from here?

What does the world look like from here?

This happened to me last week in Newcastle where, on a morning walk, I happened upon a building with unusual residents.

Looking through a first floor window of a red brick terraced house was a pigeon.

Nothing really unusual to see a bird inside a building, especially in a derelict area, apart from the fact that everything looked normal.

It was as if the pigeon could easily have been a person taking in the early morning sunshine and coming to terms with the new day.

The building did not look in a really bad way, indeed with new windows and door looked as if it could easily be habitable.

I could see little evidence of a breach that would have let this animal into the structure, so was this his home.

The sight of the bird looking through the window, made from clear plastic sheet, just seemed so natural, an everyday occurrence, something that you would not really question.

Pondering the image before me, stood on a cobbled street and with a council road sweeper approaching, I must have looked out of place, not the pigeon.

Hitchhikers Guide

Being of a certain age I remember the 1978 radio series and book by Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide To Everything.

In the comedy about the universe, and everything, it transpires that the mice are in charge and the answer to the ultimate question is 42.

At this point, stood alone on the street in the north east of England, this story came into my head.

What if the mice really are the guardians and this pigeon actually has evolved far more than us mere humans ever will, I thought.

Looking at the world from this perspective everything changes, and I question if we are still evolving at the top of natures food chain.

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